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Nov 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
>> this is dw in berlin. you are watching me "journal." >> coming up in the next half- hour, the eu and imf clash over how long greece should be given to reduce its debts. >> america's commander in afghanistan under investigation after new revelations in the cia sex scandal. >> in cairo, eu foreign ministers and members of the arab league discuss the syrian crisis. the lenders in charge of patching up the eurozone have gone head to head in a very public disagreement on the best way to deal with grease. >> at a meeting in brussels, the head of the imf and -- the heads of the imf and eurozone clashed over when greece should reduce its debt. >> but they did at least agree on a few things -- above all the grece could have at least two years to cut deficit. >> it is a question of how much progress greece can realistically be expected to make in a particular amount of time. >> greece's international lenders were playing down their differences the morning after the clash over athens' debts. the imf wants greece to achieve its lower ratio by 2020 while the eu foreign ministers want to allow
Nov 26, 2012 9:30am PST
, even when a lot more milk is produced than the market demands. this also makes eu dairy products artificially cheap when sold abroad. a fact that is currently worrying people in colombia. their government has just signed a new trade agreement with the eu, easing the sale of colombian products in europe, but also allowing cheap eu dairy products onto their supermarket shelves.we look at both sides of the deal. it's been raining for weeks in the highland plateau of bogota. at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters, the air is thin here. blanca mireya tends to her two cows every morning . they give a total of 10 liters of milk a day. this is the only source of income for blanca and her sister lucy to support their family of four. >> with what we make, we buy coal for heating, for example. my sister buys her clothes and food -- basically everything. >> they earn around 40 cents per liter. that's only just enough to live on. but now the country's half million small farmers are scared. the reason is the free trade agreement between the european union and colombia. as part of the deal, brus
Nov 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
hands a defeat to prime minister david cameron over eu funding. >> as the u.s. northeast picks up the pieces after sandy, barack obama hits the campaign trail again. >> bayern-munich rocked to victory. >> the chris parliament has made it clear the budget for the european union must be reduced. >> members of parliament delivered an embarrassing defeat to prime minister david cameron late on wednesday in what the press there is calling kamins fright night. >> cameron has been calling for an eu budget freeze, but members of his own conservative party revolted, demanding brussels trim its spending. >> we have more now on the vote and the fallout beginning in london. >> when the vote was read out, it was a stunning defeat for the government. the opposition labor party is rubbing its hands in glee. 53 of david cameron is -- cameron's own party refused to toe the line, pushing through the amendment. kamen wants to freeze the eu budget over the next seven years, but these skeptics say a freeze does not go far enough. they want to see cuts in real terms. opposition labour is supporting the
Nov 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
tumbling was news from brussels. the eu commission published a report that was very pessimistic about growth prospects in the eurozone, and it saw tremendous challenges ahead for deficit reduction in countries even like france. >> we say in frankfurt for a closer look at the numbers. the dax headed down by nearly 2%. euro stoxx 50 down by even more. across the atlantic, the down who -- the dow down, and the euro trading at a dollar of $ 1.2766. a look at the anti-as 30 protests in greece, including an update from our correspondent in athens -- a look at the anti- austerity protests in greece. >> but first, turkey ramping of defense against its neighbor syria. the government says it is discussing with nato the possible deployment of patriot missiles designed to combat both enemy aircraft and missiles, and it would create a kind of no-fly zone here at the turkish border. >> pr has voted in favor of becoming the 51st u.s. state -- puerto rico. a majority of the population on the island approved the referendum. it is currently a self-governing u.s. territory. the move is subject to approv
Nov 23, 2012 2:30pm PST
>> hello. you are watching the "journal" live from berlin. the eu budget summit ends in failure with deep divisions between member states. >> violent protests across egypt a day after president morsi assumes new sweeping powers. >> what is at stake in the battle for control of congress? we have a full report. the eu summit has ended without any agreement on the union's next seven-year budget, but top officials in brussels say they are confident a deal will be reached early next year. >> hours of talks failed to bridge big gaps between richer countries and those that rely most on eu funding. be contributors like britain, the netherlands, and sweden want spending bold back across the board -- rolled back across the board. >> european leaders were skeptical going into negotiations, so it was no surprise when ministers called off talks without a working budget. >> everyone brought their own goals to the table, and you know germany's position, but we are still focused on working toward a budget everyone can agree to. >> that means winning over england. prime minister david cameron ha
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
in new york as the region struggles to recover from the super storm sandy. >> syria and eu membership on the agenda and talks between angela merkel and the turkish prime minister. >> european and north african countries have kicked off negotiations on a huge solar energy project in the sahara desert. u.s. president barack obama has arrived in new jersey to tour the devastation left in the wake of super storm sandy. >> obama was joined by new jersey governor chris christie, who is republican, but christie has praised the way the president has handled the crisis. they viewed storm damage by helicopter. obama will also be meeting with residents and emergency workers. >> cleanup work is in full swing on the east coast after sandy flooded cities, washed out bridges, and caused billions of dollars in damage. >> but new york city is making it clear it is back in business. mayor michael bloomberg rate in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange, which was closed for two days. >> the storm killed over 40 people on the east coast and caused unprecedented damage. >> life is slowly returni
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
a day to go until the e u's latest summit. this time, it is not about bailouts, but this time, the eu's very own budget is on the line. >> we are talking about more than $1 trillion euros over the next seven years. some countries say brussels is just asking for too much. >> most of all, britain. this government is threatening to veto anything more than a budget freeze, and skeptics say even that would be too much. >> many hard-liners in the governing conservative party say it is time to leave the eu altogether. >> an november day. the rest of europe across the channel a blur in the distance. conservative member of parliament douglas carswell would like to put as much space between europe and the uk as possible. he sees the eu as a malevolent force, and he would like britain to leave the block. >> we should stop obsessing about what happened 70 years ago, understand and respect that we are all liberal democracies. liberal democracies do not fight each other. liberal democracies should be able to pursue their self interest without fear that it will end badly. >> many of his fellow conse
Nov 8, 2012 7:30am EST
: the next generation," 8:00 p.m. japan time here on "newsline." >>> trade friction between the eu and china is mounting over alleged unlawful business practices in solar panels. the eu says the chinese government subsidies for its solar industry are giving it an unfair advantage. the european commission has launched an investigation into the practices. the probe was prompted by a complaint filed in september by an eu solar industry association. the commission says it has gathered enough evidence to support the association's case. separately, the commission has been conducting an antidumping investigation on solar panel imports from china. china, for its part, has filed a similar complaint against the eu with the world trade organization on tuesday. the country is making a similar accusation about unfair subsidies for eu products. >>> now let's take a look at the markets. european share prices are trading on the back of a grim economic forecast for the eurozone. here's a look at the london ftse index, currently up by 0.25%. frankfurt's dax index also gaining by 0.5%, and the cac 40 in paris
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
with the european union. as the chair of the transportation committee, we led a meeting here in washington with e.u. officials and sat down one floor below where i'm standing in march of 2011 and tried to resolve the differences. we actually led a delegation and went to brussels, headquarters of the european union, met in brussels in june and july of 2011. and tried to come to some agreement to resolve our differences on our matter. and we took our case as member of the united states congress to the international civil aviation group in montreal that sets the policies and the standards for international aviation around the world. in fact in october of -- a year ago, before we introduced this legislation, we convinced i believe it was some 27 or 28 of the 35 of the governing body to vote in favor of our position we held which other nations also held and i think only a small minority of some of the european union coordinations in fact prevailed in that vote. so we succeeded in garnering international support, because this isn't a tax that affects only the united states but it affects countries around
Nov 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
a decision at their decision on thursday. the talks between the eu and japan are now expected to get under way early next year. if the deal is concluded it will create a massive free trade block. the economy will account for more than one-third of the global gross domestic product. some members are still cautious about the plan. they claim ja nan is not doing enough to remove tariff barriers. others such as france and italy are concerned about the japanese vehicles. in response to these objections the european commission has included the clause in its basic policy that the eu could break off the top any time. that japan is not doing enough to open up its market a year after the talks get started. eu trade commissioner made clear that he will keep a tough stance during negotiations. >> let's not be anxious. europe is not naive. >> reporter: he wants to expand trade in an attempt to overcome the euro zone debt crisis. many members are hopeful about the free trade pact with japan. the talks may face raw growing due to wide differences of opinion. >> that wraps up this for this hour. i'll leav
Nov 3, 2012 8:30am PDT
place. the eu is watching with some suspicion, especially after the controversial jailing of the former prime minister. her political archenemy still leads the country as president. and an increasing number of ukrainians are asking themselves who they can trust that all. one thing is clear -- it is not the political elite. >> it is quite an animated evening. an amateur ensembles stages a comedy about marriage, but it is less about love that about the dowry, money, and influence. just like in ukrainian politics says this journalist who invited the actors to come to kiev's old market. the building has long since become a symbol. influential businessme want to privatize it, but these people are protesting those plans. >> more and more people support what we are doing here. many people wonder why we are doing this. when they hear that the building is to be privatized, they all begin helping us, so everyone who has been here becomes part of our movement. >> they have named that project "hospitable republic." the government has rescinded the order, and private investors want to turn it into a
Nov 6, 2012 2:30pm PST
voted against their own prime minister, calling for cuts to the eu budget. >> david cameron is due to meet with chancellor angela merkel on wednesday to discuss the matter. >> the new toll road was built with money from brussels, but cars are a rarity here. auditors say this motorways just one example of the many poor investments made across europe. >> funds -- many instances of funds not being used for the purposes for which they were designated. >> many say the purpose is to prevent dubious investments and ensure the eu spends its money as efficiently as possible. the budget amounts to 130 billion euros, and the largest% slice of the pie go to agriculture and fisheries. 1/3 spent on infrastructure, and the remainder goes on foreign policy, social affairs, and research. the european commission rejects criticism that funds have been misapplied or mismanaged and is seeking to deflect the blame. >> member states need to step up a bit more. they need to take their role more seriously in the management of eu funds. >> it is the 18th time in a row that you auditors have unearthed waste
Nov 14, 2012 2:30pm PST
for that. >> let's stay in brussels for a moment because the eu is taking action to boost the number of women in leadership roles in business. >> the european commission says that big companies should have 40% of their board seats occupied by women by the year 2020. >> it is a controversial plan that still has some hurdles to get past, but the women who masterminded the move says it is no position and in fact would make business sense -- it is a controversial plan that still has some hurdles to get passed. >> the justice commission are fought long to push her proposal through the eu's executive body. now, publicly listed firms in europe will need to have women in at least two out of five positions on their supervisory boards within eight years, an overdue correction. >> that is why we do not burden the companies. on the contrary, we help the companies to choose the best talent because it is not normal that we do have, as is the european average today, a defective -- the fact 85 mail quota -- de facto 85 male quota. >> we will turn every stone to make full use of our talents in order
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
the situation with both sides. everyone here looks to the eu or the u.n. to broker a cease- fire. >> in cairo, the egyptian capital, and u.s. secretary general ban ki mon is arrived in cairo. >> basically said the negotiations are dangers between hamas in israel but they're still going on. he said there is hope that date would be successfully completed. this still has a difficult path ahead of them. it seems that both of them are still far away from each other. basically, hamas once a ceasefire and an opening of the gaza strip. israel is demanding a cease-fire and a tightening of the control of the gaza strip in order to have less weapons coming through. ban ki moon is coming to -- to try to help them and close this gap. president morsi and others will be moving on. >> we saw the press conference by the exiled hamas leader. do you think it has poured a bit of cold water on to the process? -- over the progress? >> they wanted to be under their conditions, not under it is really conditions. -- israeli conditions. >> in cairo, thank you for the update. joining us here in the studio, are middle e
Nov 28, 2012 2:30pm PST
is set to get some crucially needed aid from the eu, for example. >> the block is also taking action to curb the influence of the big three ratings agencies. we will explain next. >> thanks so much for staying with us. >> welcome back. four struggling spanish banks will receive nearly 40 billion euros from the e you rescue fund. >> the commission has approved restructuring plans for the four nationalized banks, including spain's fourth largest lender. banks will have to cut jobs and reduce their balance sheets by 60%. >> the eu's commissioner for competition announced the decision. good news for his struggling countrymen. >> the funds come from the european stability mechanism. they have been freed up for spain. in total, it is 37 billion euros. >> the ngc banco and bfa bankia will get funds. but it comes with conditions -- the banks agreed to a tough restructuring plans, including the closings of hundreds of branches. they say the bank's need a new business model. >> instead of real estate and other risky investments, the banks will focus on personal loans and on lending to small an
Nov 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
're on the island for a total of three weeks with 32 participants. >> malta has a commitment to the eu bird conservation director, but protected species are still being hunted. this year has again seen tens of thousands of birds fall prey to poachers. >> you can see them already looking where the birds of prey are landing. one guy is already on his phone. there might be something special landing. yes, over there. >> malta is a stopover for millions of migratory birds. >> i am a. hunter, ok? i hunt what is legal. what is not legal i do not hunt. what is illegal to hunt or to shoot, i shoot it. certain species are illegal to shoot. why? it is not just like that. may be they are endangered species. it is illegal to shoot birds o prey, but you find poachers. i call them poachers, not hunters. >> birds have been trapped and shot for centuries here. malta is said to have the highest concentration for hunters in the world. for many, it is a passion. >> a beautiful body. they are hunting just like this. >> the administrative law enforcement agency has the task of combating the poachers and ensuring
Nov 4, 2012 9:00pm EST
to their families. will the prime minister confirm that if he cannot get a good deal for britain in the eu to negotiations, he will use the veto and reject any advice on this matter from those who gave ours away? >> i can absolutely give my honorable friend that assurance. this government is taking the toughest line in these budget negotiations of any government since we joined the european union. at best we would like a cat, at --it cut, at worst frozen. i am prepared to use the veto if we do not get a deal good for britain. but it is in our interests to try to get a deal. a seven year freeze would keep our bills down compared to annual budgets. the latest position is one of complete opportunism. they gave away half the rebates and sent the budget through the roof and now they want to get a good deal for britain. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, can i start applying the -- joining the prime minister to pay tribute to corporal david o'connor from the royal marines and corporal channing day of the medical regiment, the royal army medical corps. their deaths are a reminder of the unremitting
Nov 12, 2012 4:00am EST
's program, we'll be in brussels ahead of the important euro group meeting. focus there on greece and the eu budget. after the weekend, talks collapsed. and the annual world energy outlook report in an hour and plus analysis of where oil prices can be headed. and best buy gets set to join the tablet wars with it insignia flex. what can it offer to customers that the ipad, kindle 5 and surface can't. the first japanese government may be forcesed to lower its outlook for the economy, this after reporting an 8.9% fall in third quarter gdp. at this rate, already in recession. the government's attempts at a moderate recovery has been made more difficult by tensions with china. now pressure is even mounting from the boj, but analysts say the central bank likely to hold off until after the federal reserve is due to meet. joining us for more is global chief officer of global equities. and head of japanese research at jpmorgan securities. i suppose the question is whether this contraction here in the third quarter will be followed by another one in the fourth. >> it looks quite likely. you've got bad
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am PST
faced by asia and europe. >> eu president herman van rompuy called for an expansion of trade to deepen economic ties with asia. >> our interdependence is greater than ever. european union is firmly committed to its responsibilities as a strong world actor and a strong partner for asia. >> the leaders will also discuss ways to boost investment and strengthen financial cooperation between the two regions. >>> japanese prime minister yoshihiko noda met van rompuy and another eu leader on the sidelines of the asem gathering. they agreed to start free trade negotiations as early as possible in 2013. noda met with van rompuy and european commission president jose manuel barroso. he told them japan will promote measures to eliminate nontariff trade barriers. he also asked them to win the support of eu members in getting economic partnership talks started as soon as possible. the european leaders noted some member countries haven't announced their support. but they said free trade with japan is important for the region's economic growth. noda, van rompuy, and barroso decided to hold a summit e
Nov 22, 2012 2:30pm PST
of the negotiations, there were bilateral talks between the individual leaders and the eu representatives. these talks were meant to have all the individual leaders explain their positions because they are very different indeed, and the talks have taken longer than was planned. that means the summit starts with a bit of a delay, and that in itself is a sign how tough the negotiations are going to be. >> not only a delay, but in the run-up to the summit, britain sparked fury by pressing for deep cuts to the budget. what does london want exactly? >> david cameron has caused some fury here with his positions. he has already threatened to veto the budget that is on the table and that many eu leaders have said they cannot enter negotiations with, but david cameron wants lower payments for the eu and, most importantly, he wants to hold on to the british rebate, and that is a special deal for great britain, which margaret thatcher negotiated back in the 1980's, and they are saying it is outdated, that it is possible to hold onto it. they are saying david cameron would not have to give in to one of the two is
Nov 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
austerity measures. we have a three quarter circus in the year. european central bank, the imf, and the eu cannot agree whether and how to pay are the latest rancho funding when greece clearly cannot meet the targets for debt reduction. of that is the issue. it has kept the ministers of late once before and it may well again. there's no clear hint whether they will actually reach an agreement. greece's cyanamid they are bankrupt. >> is there any sign an agreement will be reached? >> not really. technically, they were bankrupt last friday but they survived it. on saturday, the head of the euro group and prime minister of luxembourg have a long talk with angela merkel and came out suggesting they cleared away most of the difficulties to an agreement. we have no clue as to what that involved and whether there is a clearance. the same problem is the same problem -- unsustainable that. greece should now say it is 45 billion with every passing week they need more money. >> how does the imf figure in? >> the head of the imf had a bit of a row with him last time they met. she once the interest rat
Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm PST
its forecast for economic growth next year. the eu executive arm announced its outlook for the 17 eurozone nations on wednesday. the commission now forecasts the eurozone gross domestic product will fall 0.4% in 2012 from a year earlier. that's the first negative growth in three years. it also predicts near zero growth, 0.1% for 2013. that's down 0.9% from its may forecast. the commission warns of more negative growth for cash-strapped greece and spain, and four other eurozone nations in 2013. it says the region's leading economy, germany, can expect growth of only 0.8%. that's all bad news for employment. the jobless rate is expected to hit nearly 12% next year. >> major policy decisions have laid the foundations for strengthening confidence. there's certainly no room for complacency. >> eu economic and monetary affairs commissioner olli rehn urged the eurozone countries to push ahead with austerity measures as well as policies to stimulate economic growth. >>> some sa japanese economic indicators for september have been out this morning. the current account surplus shrank for th
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
the eurozone. the finance ministers of the 27 eu nations met to discuss measures for tackling the region's debt problems. the officials agreed to compile a final proposal by the next ministerial meeting scheduled for early december. eu leaders decided last month to allow the european central bank to supervise all commercial banks across the eurozone and plan to phase in the changes next year. opinions are divided among member states over the pace of the implementation and the extent of the central bank's oversight authority. at tuesday's meeting finance ministers also discussed tax on financial transactions. 11 nations including germany and france confirmed they wish to proceed with the levee on stock and bond trading. they aim to gain approval at the next eu summit in mid-december but britain opposing the measure. let's check on the markets for this wednesday morning. on the tokyo foreign exchange the yen is trading slightly lower against the dollar and the euro. the dollar/yen is currently changing hands at 79.45 to 48 and the euro/yen is quoted at 100.98 to 99. sources say 2r5iders are buyin
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
that happens. eu trade ministers will begin discussions on thursday on whether to approve the start of negotiations with japan for an economic partnership agreement. japan would have to agree to review the trade pact if french imports of japanese autos soared. she also said japan is protecting its public works sector as well as railroads and farming. she said france will strongly urge that japan open its market. >>> the european commission is coming to the rescue of four ailing spanish banks. it has agreed to bail out the banks as part of a $48 billion plan. the deal will be painful and will include layoffs and branch closures. the commission accepted rehabilitation plans submitted by bankia and three other spanish banks hit hard by the regional credit crisis. the banks will be obliged to streamline management. the biggest of them, bankia, could see its workforce reduced by 30% or some 6,000 employees by 2015. the spanish government asked the eu for help in june to help increase the capital bases of banks affected by the collapse of the country's real estate bubble. eu officials agr
Nov 12, 2012 6:30pm PST
or eu finance ministers to agree on releasing the next tranche of funds f greece? >> the terms of the deal have to be renegotiated. the troika as recommended more time to take up paying off the debt of some of the more time ans more money. now there are intense discussions going on among the people who will have to come up with that money and the proper ways that, unless the group comes up with a sustainable road map to talk about hate they will have financing in greece, the ecb is not willing to step in and help out with temporary mechanisms unless the ecb steps in, we all know that it looks really bad for greece this week. >> , having trouble with the draft agreement being discussed in brussels and including the idea that greece should be given an extra two years to meet debt reduction targets. how would the additional two years be financed? >> that's the big questions. there are lots of ideas. the imf, for instance, say it is just a hair cut. they're suggesting that a european lenders will just renounce all some of the debt payments and that european leaders are saying we ca
Nov 5, 2012 12:00am EST
. that they agreed to a massive increase to the e.u. budget under their government, and now today they haven't even put down their own resolution on this issue. the nation will absolutely see straight through it. he's playing politics, he's not serving the country. [cheers and applause] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, when it comes to consistency, if we've forgotten what he said as leader of the opposition just four months before the last general election. this is what he said. i would have thought they were interest inside what the prime minister said when he was leader of the opposition, mr. speaker. this is what he said. at a time when budgets are being cut in the u.k., he said, does the prime minister agree in reviewing the e.u. budget the main purpose should be to push for a real term cut? that's what he said when he was in opposition. so, mr. speaker, when it comes to opportunism, this prime minister is a gold medalist. [cheers and applause] at a time when he's cutting the education budget by 11%, the transport budget by 15% and the police budget by 20%, how can he even be giving up on a cut
Nov 23, 2012 4:00am EST
protests early this morning, as well. eu leaders saying they'll analyze proposals and restart negotiations. things aren't looking good with angela merkel hollande doubting a deal can be reached. trims the amount originally cut from spending on agriculture as well as funds for poor eu states. >> we must be sensible and realistic. this budget is a budget for the rest of the uk. >> silvia has been in brusselss all week. what do you make of progress or lack of it? >> well twlrks's no big surprises here, first of all. it's actually not such a big drama. it was clear to everybody that we wouldn't reach a quick agreement. we might not reach an agreement today. we might not reach an agreement this weekend. the leaders have already cleared up their itineraries for the weekend, they might actually stick around for the weekend, and we might actually need another summit maybe sometime in january before we solve things up. if past experience is anything to go by, that's the usual course of events. i think last time around in 2005, it also took something like 6, 7 weeks before we had an agreement. the b
Nov 20, 2012 6:00am EST
civilian casualties. yesterday e.u. foreign ministers condemned the rocket attacks on israel and called for an urgent cessation of hostilities. we have also warned that a ground invasion of gaza could length b the conflict, and erode international support for israel's position. we wish to see an agreed ceasefire that stops the rocket attacks and ends israeli military operations. efforts are continuing as i speak, and the u.n. security council will continue discussions on the situation today. more open access in and out of gaza is part of any longer-term solution. we pay tribute to the efforts of the egyptian government and the u.n. secretary-general to secure a ceasefire and have supported these efforts over the last few days. i discussed these with the egyptian, israeli and turkish foreign ministers over the weekend as the prime minister did with prime minister netanyahu and president por si. my honorable friend, the undersecretary of state, is in ramallah today where he will meet president abbas after visiting israel yesterday. there is no military solution to the crisis in gaza or to
Nov 22, 2012 4:00am EST
. no sign of compromise as eu leaders arrive in brussel. it could turn into four days of budget talks. david cameron reiterating his criticisms of increasing block spending budget in 2013. and palestinians pour on to the streets to celebrate as cease fire ends eight days of deadly strikes between israel and hamas. we kick off three hours with the euro son flash services pmi, 5.7. a little weaker than consensus. lowest since july 2009. business expectations 48.6. manufacturing manufacturing pmi 46.2. composite pmi as a result 45.8, which is pretty him bang in line with the reuters poll. so service sectors worst since july 2009, decline in manufacturing eased a little bit more than expected in november. joining us, chief european economist. ricar ricardo, thanks for joining us. so still a negative territory. what does this point to in terms of the economic decline for the fourth quarter? >> i think it's in line with the idea that real sgchlt dp will decline by at least 0.2%, possibly 0.3%. it will give us a negative entry point in 2013 when i expect an average growth of minus 0.2%. so still mo
Nov 21, 2012 10:00am EST
law and avoid civilian casualties. yesterday e.u. foreign ministers condemned the rocket attacks on israel and called for an urgent cessation of hostilities. we have also warned that a ground invasion of gaza could length b the conflict, and erode international support for israel's position. we wish to see an agreed ceasefire that stops the rocket atcks and ends israeli military operations. efforts are continuing as i speak, andhe u.n. security council will continue discussions on the situation today. more open access in and out of gaza is part of any longer-term solution. pay tribute to the efforts of the egtian government and the u.n. secretary-general to secure a ceasefire and have supported these efforts over the last few days. i discussed these with the egyptian, israeli and turkish foreign ministers over the weekend as the prime minister did with prime minister netanyahu and president por si. my honorable friend, the undersecretary of sate, is in ramallah today where he will meet president abbas after visiting israel yesterday. there is no military solution to the crisis in
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am EST
across the eu, but in the form of strikes. workers in spain, portugal, italy are set for the nation's first cross-border anti-austerity protest. >> italy is looking to raise $3.5 billion euros. >> cisco posted better than expected first quarter reports. john chambers sounds a cautious but optimistic note about the u.s. economy. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> hello. welcome to today's "worldwide exchange". >> 40 unions in 23 countries. that's the strikes that are planned across europe today. so if you thought there couldn't be any coordination, there is coordination. >> how are we going to be affected? >> you know, air travel, surprisingly, they have had to have a lot of cancelling due to strikes. >> we're fully at our jobs. there's two hours of it today. let's remind you exactly what's coming up. we'll have updates from beijing throughout the program as the new generation takes the first step towards leadership. >> and we're in london. talk to the ceo of wpp, martin sorrel. >> we discuss japanese banks. >> and the lates
Nov 19, 2012 12:00am EST
of the policy committee and i have the ambition to visit or hold an event for every single one of our eu partners next year. we will work to enhance the predictability and clarity we offer business, how that promotes the u.k. international attractiveness, and how that benefits us here in the uk. we are responsible for over 120,000 jobs in the u.k., a huge total, mostly outside london, not least in scotland where i grew up and to which i owe so much. one-quarter of the workers contribute hugely to a text take in life and happiness of our communities. they are all part of society, as is my swedish bank, in which i have work when it opened 30 years and two days ago. we should highlight the importance of the city support for those who keep us it. our armed forces and the uniformed security services. we know the government intends to shape the understanding that better enable volunteers to serve the forces. in an uncertain world with the security of shipping lanes and trade routes are as critical to the country's prosperity as ever, defense is everyone's business. finally, we shall highlight
Nov 5, 2012 5:30pm PST
. the eu ran an investigation in september into the suspected dumping of chinese made solar panels. they see the complaint as a counter attack. a eu spokesperson issued a short statement. that is all for me for now. i'll leave you with how the stocks are performing this tuesday morning. >>> one last day and one last push. u.s. president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney are making their final pitches before americans head to the polls. obama visited three swing states. he told a crowd in wisconsin that romney would resurrect the republican policies of four years ago and preserve tax cuts for the wealthy. >> it's a choice between returning to the top-down policies that crashed our economy or a future that's built on providing opportunity to everybody and growing a strong middle class. >> romney also campaigned in swing states. he told an audience in florida that obama had failed to deliver on promises to reduce the economic burden on americans. >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the b
Nov 15, 2012 2:30pm PST
years, there are very different priorities -- at the next eu summit. i think there will be a lot of tension. in the past, at least, leaders of both countries have realized france and germany have to stand together if they want to advance the european project, and i think that current leaders in both countries are no exception. i think it is very difficult to imagine that they will not reach a compromise for the sake of your's future. >> thank you very much. -- for the sake of europe's future. >> he has been in office only six months, but france's socialist president has suffered a dramatic fall in popularity. >> in contrast to the hope of popularity that surrounded him during the election when he replace nicholas sarkozy. many people doubt weather he has what it takes to turn the country around. >> francois hollande came to office promising a different way out of the crisis, advocating less hardship and more measures to promote growth instead, but now that he is in office, things seem to have gone rather quiet. >> people are disappointed. he has failed to come up with any great r
Nov 20, 2012 9:30am PST
against the eu treaties, and that would really put them in opposition. a writer from the area has written a science-fiction novel in which dictators forbid all kinds of things, including foie gras. people then sell them on the black market, like they did during the occupation. >> the 95-year-old grandmother remembers those days. she says the expensive delicacy foie gras used to be eaten almost daily. >> we have always done the forced feeding. at least as far back as the 17th century. so what is the problem? it is better if the geese are fatter. there is more meet then, to -- more meat then, too. >> the french are happy to see themselves as the leader of the resistance against a ban on foie gras. bulgaria and hungary, which produce small amounts, are certainly grateful for that. officials in brussels will surely think twice about a ban, not wanting to cause a feud with an entire nation. >> a sip of champagne, several pints of beer, or not a single drop? how much of all are you allowed to drink and still drive? it is different in every european country, but one thing is the same everywhere.
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